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Cambridge’s ultra low refrigeration specialists 

Fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your ultra low refrigeration needs. 

Fisher Refrigeration is Cambridge’s experienced team of technical and ultra low refrigeration systems. We have over 40 years experience providing quality ultra low refrigeration services to Cambridge and the surrounding areas.


Our team specialises in the installation, maintenance and servicing of a wide range of refrigeration systems across medical, research, scientific and commercial industries. 

Ultra low and technical refrigeration

Ultra low and technical refrigeration is an integral part of the business and scientific practices of many of our clients. Whether in medical and research laboratories or commercial businesses, our expertise in ultra low and technical refrigeration allows us to provide high quality installation, maintenance and servicing. Our specialty in -80C temperatures and cascade systems has been a focus of our business for over 40 years. From old-style Kelvinators to modern Sanyos and bespoke systems, we’re the technical refrigeration professionals. 

Expert services

We’re able to provide complete system design and installation services tailored to your requirements. With over 160 cabinets on contract, we work directly with universities, laboratories and more to create custom refrigeration equipment. Our team is able to install pharmacy freezers, modular cold rooms, industrial freezers, centrifuges, shaker units, lab fridges, cold stores, blast freezers, test chambers and other specialist tools. We also specialise in the servicing and maintenance of our systems including diagnostics, faultfinding and consultations. Our specialist team is fully licensed and experienced in the safe removal of refrigerant gases and materials. 

A brilliant business that puts the customer first

Fisher Refrigeration has always been a fantastic business to deal with.
I have known and used them for at least 10 years in various Departments within the University of Cambridge.
They are a friendly bunch of people with great knowledge, expertise and - shock horror - common sense by the bucket load!
Always very helpful and not out to make money from the customer; they have kept a number of our units going even though they would probably have been stated as 'no hope cases' by other firms.
I would always recommend Fisher Refrigeration Ltd.

Morgan - Chief Technician Cambridge University

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